(Please list several options, if possible.)
(We ask for a minimum of one adult helper for each 8 students. All minors need to bring a filled out minor waiver form with them to our volunteer events.)

General information for Groups

Clothing and equipment: We provide tools and gloves. Please bring glove (if you have them), hat, long pants, sturdy shoes (no open-toed shoes) and a refillable water bottle.

Carpooling: Parking is limited. Please try to carpool or use other eco-conscious transportation methods.

Rain: Rain does not automatically cancel an event; it can make it easier to pull invasive plants or to plant native plants! If rain is forecast, your group leader should provide a phone number to Grassroots Ecology staff, so that staff can call the group leader on the day of the event to confirm or postpone the event.

Additional questions: contact Grassroots Ecology at volunteer@grassrootsecology.org.