Grassroots Ecology has an informal, collaborative, and supportive culture which encourages all staff members to take part in decision-making and come up with new ways to approach challenges. We take pride in accomplishing tangible benefits for local habitats while taking a leadership role in drawing the interest and participation of the general public.

Paid Opportunities

Business Manager

Grassroots Ecology is looking for a Business Manager to help support an established nonprofit fiduciary as we become an independent nonprofit organization. The main responsibilities include bookkeeping and office administration, with the first several months focused on setting up these systems in preparation for our switchover to our own 501(c)(3). The successful candidate will be organized, takes initiative, and is a problem-solver. The role is part time and can be adjusted depending on the needs of the individual. Some of the work can be done at home, but at least 2 days per week will be spent at our office in Palo Alto. We are looking to fill the position by March 2018.

See full announcement for details. 


Grassroots Ecology offers a 10-week summer internship in habitat restoration for college students and recent graduates. This internship is meant to inspire and develop future stewards through education and hands-on training, and is a great opportunity to learn from local professionals in the field of ecology.