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Grassroots Ecology offers a number of workshops, hikes, and other special events throughout the year. These are great opportunities to learn about nature and sustainability, both in open space areas and urban environments. Space is limited, so please check the calendar and register in advance. Sign up for our newsletter to get notifications on special events.


We periodically host special workshops so that community members can learn how to work with nature in their homes and yards. Our Greening Urban Watersheds Program hosts workshops on how to install rain gardens, rain barrels, and cisterns, and our Demonstration Garden sites host workshops on native plant garden care.

Nature Walks and Talks

Would you like to learn more about your favorite local park?  We lead public hikes at the parks and open spaces where we conduct our habitat restoration projects. Among other things we have explored wildflowers, bats, birds, plant galls, and things that glow in the dark (under ultraviolet light). Please check our calendar for upcoming events.

World Water Monitoring Challenges

Among our more popular special events are our World Water Monitoring Challenges, where you can learn how watersheds work and what you can do to protect important creek habitat. These events are great for young families. Even the youngest participants enjoy performing water quality monitoring with our fun, color-changing indicator kits.

Creek Cleanups

Getting trash out of creeks before it reaches the bay is very important to the health of marine life. Grassroots Ecology leads major creek and baylands cleanup events each year for special holidays such as California Coastal Cleanup Day, National River Cleanup Day, and Earth Day.