Grassroots Ecology engages and educates the community to restore local ecosystems. We work in partnership with local governments, public agencies, schools, corporations, non-profits, and concerned citizens, and serve all age groups — with young children to senior citizens participating in our programs. While we engage volunteers from all over the Bay Area in our work, we specialize in serving the lands and people of Silicon Valley.

Our strategies focus on habitat restoration, native plants, invasive plant control, creek and watershed stewardship, environmental education, and volunteer engagement. Our unique community-based / science-based model results in tangible and measurable improvements to the environment, multiplying our impact across the region.

Results (Fiscal Year 2016-17)

12,000 people engaged
9,000 youth served
875 events offered
40,000 native plants grown
2,600 acres stewarded
10 miles of creek cleared of trash
15 tons of carbon sequestered
17,000 volunteer hours contributed