From its coastal wetlands to its mountains, Silicon Valley has a rich ecological legacy. Located within the San Francisco Bay Area—one of six biodiversity hotspots in the nation—it provides habitat for species of plants and animals that exist nowhere else on the planet. At the same time, Silicon Valley is home to over three million people and some of the largest tech companies in the world.

While the close intersection between urban and wild makes Silicon Valley a wonderful place to live, it also creates some challenges. Global environmental problems like habitat loss, invasive species, pollution, and climate change are affecting us right here and now. This can have devastating consequences for people and for wildlife, if left unchecked. Healthy ecosystems provide us not only with beautiful places to enjoy, they are also essential for our basic health—providing us with clean air and water and buffering us from the effects of drought and climate change.

At Grassroots Ecology, we believe that it is all of our responsibility to care for and appreciate our local environment. Through volunteer-based restoration, citizen science, and nature education for all ages, we are strengthening local ecosystems and communities.