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School teachers (elementary through high) and college professors may bring their classes to one of our project sites for field trips. We offer hands-on education options for all ages. If you have brought classes to a particular project site before and know that is where you want to go again, please contact that site manager directly to set up a field trip. Otherwise, please fill out our group request form, or contact for more information.

Field trips can focus on one or both of these topics:

Habitat Restoration

Students learn about their local ecosystem, and then help at a project site through hands-on activities such as weeding, mulching, watering, or installing native plants.

Creek Monitoring

Students learn how watersheds work and about their own role in pollution prevention. Students then conduct hands-on water quality monitoring — pH, temperature, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity — in addition to a streamside bioassessment of aquatic habitat quality by looking at the benthic macroinvertebrates, or “creek bugs,” that are present.