Contact the Nursery

Our Native Plant Nursery grows a diversity of native plants from seeds and cuttings gathered within local watersheds, and then distributes those plants for reintroduction within those watersheds. The nursery plays a critical role in our efforts to rebuild healthy and functional natural habitat, and preserve local biodiversity.

Our nursery has been approved by the Santa Clara Valley Water District to grow plants according to the current Phytosanitary practices.

Native Plant Sales

The Native Plant Nursery is primarily a wholesale nursery and is not open for retail shopping. If you are looking for specific plants, please email your inquiry to the nursery, and we will get back to you within 5-10 business days with availability information. There is a $100 minimum for most plant orders.

The nursery will do contract grows for large restoration and landscaping projects. Contract grow orders typically require a minimum order of $500 and 6 months lead-time. A deposit is required at the time of order.

Once a year, we sell locally native plants to the public at the California Native Plant Society’s Native Plant Sale at Hidden Villa.

Free App

Grassroots Ecology’s Native Plants App is a guide to Bay Area natives that we recommend for landscaping projects. In addition to photos and details about each plant, the app recommends plants for a variety of common environments and uses. To download the app, please visit the Apple iTunes Store.